Small band, Big sound! – Full Power folk.

Razzomo is Lucy and Tommo from renowned Gyspy-Swing outfit Mr Tea & The Minions.

Razzomo is a Balkan, Klezmer & Celtic Beats folk duo! They mix sizzling Gypsy and Irish fiddle lines with booming guitar beats and you’ll be amazed at the sound and energy they can make from just the 2 of them.

Razzomo has performed to loving audiences across India, Thailand, Croatia and Vietnam, they have toured extensively in the UK and played at many festivals including Glastonbury, Boomtown & Nozstock. As a duo, they put their own unique spin on Balkan folk music whilst mixing their broad range of influences into their energetic live set!

Praise for Mr Tea & The Minions

“The Minions seamlessly weave Balkan Beats with ska, dub and swing to create a bouncing set. It’s impossible not to get involved.”

The Independent

“Mr Tea and the Minions played one of the best performances we have ever seen! Expect great things from these guys.”

Swingamajig Festival

“Upbeat, playful and exciting.”

365 Bristol