Firstly artists on Music At My House want to work. For most of them, the lion’s share of their income comes from live performances and they have stopped. We have asked them all to give me their best quote for a Music At My House performance, however, it is not as simple as providing a list of fees, we also have to take into account the distance of the performance and if they will have to book a hotel or return home the same night. So the fee will depend on where you are in relation to where they live.

The best thing to do is to get call us on 01458 211117 to discuss their fee, we won’t haggle or ask for an offer we’ll just take into account distance and if necessary accommodation costs and give you a quote right there on the phone.

There won’t be any hidden expenses, no blue m&m’s, no bottles of spirits, no extensive rider – just one simple fee. You won’t have to provide any equipment – indeed they will only bring their instruments. No microphones, no PA equipment. Some might be able to take advantage of a piano, but there will be no need. The exception might be one of our more blues-based acts – and then they’ll just need a plug socket for the guitar amp!

So if you are interested, then just call us up on 01458 211117 and we can talk you through the process it really is very simple.

We will take the payment at the time of booking, but if you decide to cancel more than one month in advance we’ll return 100% of the fee no questions asked. After that, it is 50%.

One more thing, if either you or the artist has to cancel because of the coronavirus – we’ll return the full fee, even if it’s the day before the performance.

The whole idea is to provide a fantastic experience for you and get our artists back to playing for an audience. We really want to make it as easy as possible!

P.S. Thanks for reading down this far!

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Passionate and ambitious, great attention to detail, and really nice people to boot! They bat really hard for their artists, get the results and you can’t ask for more than that.

James Cassidy, Jaba Music management 

We always get a great service from Midnight Mango. They choose their artists well and are really supportive and passionate about them.

Patrick Cunningham, Exeter Phoenix