Jaz Delorean

Jaz Delorean is the lead singer from Tankus the Henge – under Jaz’s stewardship, they have built their reputation on unforgettable songwriting and spectacular live performances.

The songs that he sings and plays on the piano are tender observations of our fragile and sometimes twisted existence on this planet, taking inspiration from bar-room piano players of the Old West, the mournful melodies of his Cypriot ancestry and a patchwork of comic and tragic stories from growing up around a travelling funfair.

Jaz’s music defies categorisation. The hair-raising show is like no other, has to be seen and heard to be believed.

Buy the show, take the ride. Grand piano not supplied!!!

“..I love that. It reminds me of a mixture of early Kinks, Squeeze and a bit of Blur mashed in. His voice is his own, …so great. I love it.”

Dave Davies – The Kinks

“….a virtual carnival of sound that’s high on energy and deep on soul. With copious helpings of R&B blues, funk, disco, Django, a dose of Dexy’s, a drop of Ray Davies and a pinch of Madness emerging throughout the eleven tracks – it’s an exciting mélange of sound.”

The Guardian. Simon Wells

Jaz is a London based performer
He performs solo.