Hawkmen TV

I spoke to The Hawkmen about bringing a duo option on to Music At My House, they were dead keen – but wanted to make it more than just a duo. I explained that we needed to keep costs down – they agreed, but they just want to play and they already have an acoustic project called Hawkmen TV! So we’re looking at a three or perhaps even a four-piece set up for the same price you would get them for a duo. Result!

The Hawkmen draw from an array of influences such as rhythm’ n’ blues, soul, and rock’n’roll which they bring together in a classic, rootsy, hybrid blend. The band emerged as a full, live act in 2017 following the early successes of soul 45 and Craig Charles favourite, Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover.

The Hawkmen’s video ‘Baby Tonight’, went viral on YouTube with over half a million views and rising. Their live concerts were going from strength to strength and then the dreaded virus forced them off the road…

“From songwriting to production, it’s totally in the pocket”

Craig Charles BBC 6 Music

“Upbeat, extremely danceable, and ridiculously enjoyable sound that flows like sweet nectar”

UK Rock’n’Roll Magazine

Hawkmen TV are from Bristol.
They perform as a trio and are more than one family unit.