Ken & Dan – Ferocious Dog

Wow, we’ve only gone and landed Ken & Dan from Ferocious Dog! I can see weekend dates in the summer flying out for these. More at home together on really big stages – but the coronavirus is a leveller and at the end of it all musicians just want to play and of course need to make an honest living. Book them now – It will be a performance to remember forever!

More than a band, they are a family. “To listen to the Ferocious Dog as it snarls and growls at the world is to show responsibility,” said a Louder Than War review of their brilliant, recently released and Fake News And Propaganda album, but this is an outfit that shows compassion too.

A band that does drives for foodbanks – not for headlines, but because it was the right thing to do – a band that welcomes Hunt Sabs and conservationists Sea Shepherd to their shows, but a band where none of that really matters.

No, here the feeling is important. Ferocious Dog is the group where fans are tattooed in the shop belonging to the lead singer, Ken Bonsall, where the violinist and bandleader, Dan Booth prints the posters. They can wow a punk festival one minute, a folk festival the next – and fit right in anywhere… and as you now know, at a Music At My House show in your back garden or house!

“This is serious social commentary with superb tunes and Dan Booth’s sublime violin takes the listener on a rollercoaster of emotion”

W.D. Emsley

“9/10 Earning a reputation as the UK’s most exciting Folk Punk band for good reason”

Vive Le Rock

“Ferocious Dog are a very socially conscious band and their music and lyrics are designed not only to make you smile and sing along but also to make you feel something.”


Ken and Dan live near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire.
They are a duo and perform as a family unit.

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