CoCo and the Butterfields

Few bands have a simple story and CoCo are no different. Established by best friends Tomas and Dulcima back in 2012, they’ve gone on to perform literally thousands of gigs, developing an enviable reputation for their exhilarating sell-out live shows as their rich and unique sound has grown and matured.

As we’ve all been cast into these uncertain times and gigging as we know it has had to take a slight back seat, CoCo has found an abundance of free time to further perfect their acoustic show. Hold tight, this journey isn’t over just yet…

The band are extremely creative, and entrepreneurial, with their own record label, fashion label and music festival, so you know that they give their all to everything they do! It’s an absolute no brainer that you need this band in your garden in this Summer!!

“A gentle and exquisite piece that tells a story of promises. With Tom Twyman’s insightful lyrics accompanied with Dulcima Showan’s captivating vocals, alongside gliding guitars, beautiful harmonies, and an inspirational chorus it uplifts every person that encounters it.”

Neon Music

“folk-hewn pop, with gliding guitars and a strident vocal”

Clash Music

CoCo and the Butterfields live in Canterbury