Artist Letter

Hi Potential Music At My House Artist,

Summer is coming and we are ramping up the Music At My House platform again!

Many acts from the Midnight Mango roster signed up to take part last year. If you are not aware of the platform and think you might want to join in here’s the updated letter…

It’s very different from a usual Midnight Mango booking!

The website is live, if you want to be added as performer, you’ll need to write to us agreeing to the different terms which are set out below. They are specific to this platform… check out the website to get the measure of the platform…

The premise is artists play one hour, entirely acoustic sets in people’s homes or gardens. Music At My House delivers private performances of music at relatively affordable prices to a small number of people. For most acts this will only works for solo and duo acts. This is because of the acoustic nature and the fact the fee is then split fewer ways. There is nothing to stop larger outfits working – but this needs to be kept in mind.

Because the performances are entirely acoustic, it’s not going to work for all acts. For most tho, a cut back version of a band with fewer musicians is the way to go.

The cancellations of 2020 and 2021 forced me to come up with new ways to create revenue.

Since the first lockdown I’d watched a lot of impromptu social streams in the artists’ house, some of them were really super. They were generally acoustic. This prompted me to come up with the idea of Music At My House.

During the summer of 2020 Music At My House was successful. For much of that summer we were allowed up to 30 people in our gardens, music fans took advantage of the rules and used the platform.

Some bought a performance for a garden party, some clubbed together to spread the cost. There were some really great experiences had through the platform.

The big difference for us at Midnight Mango HQ is the Business to Customer model, apart from the odd wedding we don’t usually work with the general public.

So we pay someone to market the platform. As a consequence, the commission rate for these performances has to be higher to make it viable, so we will charge 20% + VAT from the fees. The booking will be handled by your usual agent, but you will have a separate log-in to Overture specifically for your act on the platform. We will issue that at the time of your first booking on Music At My House.

Each act will charge a fixed rate, you need to tell us how much you want to make from a performance, then I’ll put the commission on top and work out your fee to the customer.

We will add 50p per mile to take into account travel and then charge one simple fee which will be commissionable. So for example, if you want to make £400 for a performance, your price will be £500. Suppose the performance is 50 miles away, then it’s a 100 mile round trip and the fee will be £550, from which you will receive £440 in the end.

Artists who sign up, will be much more likely to get bookings if they also advertise through their own channels as well.

If you decide to come on to Music At My House there will be no obligation for you to accept a show that is offered.

It is likely that the customer will be someone who really rates you as an artist and and spread the word to their friends. “Superfans” can be very helpful when it comes to spreading the word for future tours!

I have written new contracts for this platform to take into account their B2C nature and also to be mindful of COVID and the regulations.

You may wish to limit the distance you are prepared to travel. Just let us know. I am including your home town on the website, so punters have an idea of the travel expense. Of course you will let us know on a case by case basis.

Another alternative is to have somewhere nearby you can perform and then punters can come to you. For example a hotel or a pub – if the purchaser knows that is an option, they could arrange a holiday near to where you live. We can include this option on the website. Just let us know your ideas!

The performances will be private events and must not be ticketed to the general public – The purchaser will have to say in advance how many people will be there, we will monitor this closely.

Generally we won’t book further in advance than three months, since we don’t want to confuse bookings and dates with your main act’s bookings.

There is no obligation for you to come on to the platform, it’s entirely up to you, we’ll still be booking your festivals and tours as usual – but this is different – it will provide some income at relatively short notice and it should also make for some interesting experiences too!

At the moment the platform is only available to artists resident in the UK or Ireland.

So if you want to be involved, in the first instance write to me agreeing to the above terms, then we will add you to the website.

Any questions – please ask!

Take it easy!


Music At My House