Amy Montgomery

Amy has had a fantastic year If you haven’t come across her yet, she is outstanding – if it weren’t for the dreaded virus she would have played SOOOO many shows this year – so Music At My House is going to do something about that!

Based in Belfast, Amy Montgomery is a musical force of nature. Her vocal style channels the spirit of Janis Joplin and Grace Slick but with a modern attitude and spiritual elements in tow. Performing mostly barefoot, adorned in war paint and flamboyantly designed stage outfits, she presents a fearless and confident persona. If you want to hear powerful vocals and witness the ultimate kick-ass Music At My House show, then Amy Montgomery will set your scene unlike any other!

In 2019 festivals included Electric Picnic, one of the main stages at Glastonbury, Cambridge Folk Festival Main Stage, Black Deer, festivals in Germany and Switzerland, oh, and a tour of Australia. It really has been an incredible response – but if you’ve heard her voice you’ll know why!

“A Warrior Soul Cradled In Tradition – Amy Montgomery was one of the standout performances at Cambridge Folk Festival 2019.”

Trebuchet Magazine

“She came on stage with all the attitude of Joan Jett. In feathered bra-top, leather-look leggings, war paint and biker jacket, this girl is ballsy. And she has the voice to match”

Mandela Hall Review, Gigging NI June 2018

“She has already been compared to Grace Slick and Janis Joplin, possibly because of the power of her voice, the free abandon with which she sings so naturally and her bohemian look. Tonight, many of the songs could have been lesser-known songs of Fleetwood Mac and her gutsy, dreamy, melodic vocals are reminiscent of the legendary Stevie Nicks”

National Rock Review, Feb 2018

“If Alanis Morissette and Trent Reznor were to have a baby and then send the baby to be babysat by Joni Mitchell for half the week and the other half of the week be babysat by Janis Joplin, you would come pretty close to Amy Montgomery”


“The utterly feral Amy Montgomery sent a wave of disbelief across the marquee and out into the field beyond. A wild performance, bluesy, gutsy engaging and utterly individual”

Northern Sky, Cambridge Folk Festival

Amy lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
She will perform as a duo with her partner Michael.