My name is Matt Bartlett I am the MD at Midnight Mango, the award-winning company behind the new platform Music At My House. We have been providing artists to the live music industry for nearly 20 years. The idea for Music At My House came about during the current coronavirus pandemic. All of our artists’ shows in 2020 were cancelled in one fell swoop. Even as the rest of the country slowly gets back to work, live music will take longer because shows are usually booked at least six months in advance.

So we had to come up with an idea to keep our artists in work – and Music At My House was born. I wanted to provide a service that was meaningful, affordable and something we could get off the ground quickly. All of the artists available usually charge high prices for private performances. Here though, we have produced something wholly acoustic and limited the performance time to one hour. This way we can provide a performance that is simple to deliver and yet unique.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss how it could work for you. Head over to our contact page and drop me a line or you can call the office on 01458 211117 – before you know it you could have a world-class artist performing in your very own home or garden.

Kind Regards

Matt Bartlett


P.S. This is brand new – you could be one of the first to book a performance, we don’t know how it will go, but all the signs are that interest will be high!

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Congratulations on winning Agency of the Year at the UK Festival Awards 2019! 

Eddie Barcan, Glastonbury Festival

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